Michael Wilkett
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His legacy
Michael's Legacy  

       "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me,
            Don't Think We're Far Apart,
        For Everytime You Think Of Me,
            I'm Right There In Your Heart."

When Michael was 19 years old, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He had undergone several rigerous treatments with chemo, and in Febuary of 2003, he got the news that his leg would have to be amputated, in attempt to rid his body of the cancer. Michaels friends and family were with him on the night before his operation. Anyone that was there can tell you that Michael acted like he wasn't scared, or afraid. He smiled, laughed, and joked with his friends. Michael never let his cancer, or looming operation keep him from having fun,spending time with his friends, and it never got his spirit down. 
Michael never thought about himself. He was always caring and thinking of other people. He had a beautiful heart, and he was probably the best and most caring, friendly, funniest, and strongest person ever. And he was that way, right up until the cancer claimed his life on March 16,2005.

Michael love to play video games, like Final Fantasy, he loved spending time with his family, he loved to goof off with his friends, espcially Jordan, and he loved to go fishing, and watch TV, as well as read books, and spend time text messaging, and instant messaging all of his friends on the internet. He also loved to spend time with his littlest cousins Shelbie and Chesney. He just loved to see them smiling. And he had so much fun with his other cousins, Matthew, Brittany, Courtney, Jeffery,and Alicia.

Michael's legacy is one of hope and of love. Michael didn't care who you were, he made you feel important. Michael always wore a smile, no matter how much pain he was in. He always wanted to know how you were, and he very rarely discussed how he was feeling, if it was bad.No matter what he was going through, or what he was facing, Michael never felt sorry for himself. Michael fought so hard to win his battle with cancer, and we will all miss him.

So when you think of Michael, think of someone who fills you with hope, and smile, because he loved nothing more than to see someone smiling.

              Remember When....


Michael and his friends  'saran-wrapped' Kristen Myers house, and they couldn't even get out of the front door?!?  :)

All those bird baths in the neighborhood went missing, and they 'mysteriously' appeared on Brittany's door step.....

I bet it sure was hard to see at night, according to some people who lived next to Michael, seems that for some reason, on occassion, a few of the street lights weren't working....

Who could forget the most beautiful Christmas tree ever? ? The one Michael used to "brighten up the place" that his friends helped him decorate with water bottles, McDonalds toys, and anything else he had lying around. Meghan says they really improvised on making this the "Tree of The Year"!

Michael and his friends were always helping out the community, especially when they supplied the neighbors with all those trash cans...only problem was, they forgot to give them the lids....

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